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Remote mixing

Want us to mix your tracks? Send us the stems!

Mixing is the second step in the music production process, and while the original performance is the heart and soul of a piece of music, a good mixing engineer can tighten and refine the sound by bringing out the important pieces; working those delicate marriages of instrumentation and vocals. Mixing is an essential part of a great recording.
As well as mixing tracks that have been recorded here at CCM, we can also take your project files or audio files, whether from Logic, ProTools, Garageband, or any other DAW and mix them in our studio. This allows you the benefits of:
1. Your music mixed on a world class vintage mixing console with tons of MOJO.
2. You music mixed in a facility that has been sound-treated and on top-of-the-line Genelec 1031A monitors
3. Your music mixed by a staff with more than 25 years of collective experience in the audio production field. See OUR TEAM and who they have worked for.
4. No risk for you! Once we receive your tracks, we will give you our estimate of cost and delivery date.

UPLOAD your tracks below. If you have more than 12 tracks, use the upload 2 or 3 times. Just make sure your stems all start at absolute zero when you output them from your DAW.

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