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Our Engineers & Producers

Although we are very proud of the facility & equipment we've put together for our clients, we're even more proud of our team of producers and engineers. At CCM our team is dedicated to helping you define your sound. Our producers and engineers have years of experience working in some of the finest studios around the world. Their work has been heard on countless records, on the radio, and even in television and film. Regardless of what genre of music you're recording, we have a team member with real world experience to help you make it the best it can be.


Darren Skanson

Darren is the owner and chief engineer at CCM Studios. Darren has been engineering, writing, and producing for 30 years. Establishing the studio in 1995, Darren’s credits now include 2 Billboard charting CD’s, an award for his music Acoustitherapy, and hundreds of sessions and projects. Darren has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music with concentrations in recording, composition, and guitar performance from The University Of Minnesota, Moorhead.


Darren Skanson's compositions stretch the breadth of Country to Classical and Spanish guitar to traditional songwriting to modern works for film and TV. Whether songwriting, classical composition, film scoring, audio logos, or MIDI production music, Darren is at home in any of them. He was the composer and audio engineer for the TV series Shoot! and his music has been featured by Shutterfly and Belco Credit Union. Darren has also has 3 songs put on hold by Nashville's Sony/Universal as well as Luke Bryan.


Darren is also Colorado's #1 Classical Guitarist and a versatile studio session guitarist. He has studied and performed on guitar for 25 years. He reached #8 and #11 on the Billboard’s Top Classical Chart and his original composition “Rondo For Michael” was the #6 most requested selection on the most listened to radio station in the world, Beethoven Radio. He has sold more than 100,000 copies of his 10 solo cd's. Darren spent several years touring nationally with progressive rock band Mata Hari as well as classical guitar/violin duo Watson & Company.


Michael Warkentin

Mike (Greensleeves) has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is the co-founder of the Denver based, live hip-hop band, Broken Tongues.


Mike is an MC/turntablist/producer/engineer with loads of experience in the writing, recording, mixing and performing aspects of music and has worked professionally in solo and full band applications for nearly a decade. Comfortable behind the boards or behind the mic, he can certainly provide beneficial feedback and forethought to take your project to another level. Mike has mixed for So You Think You Can Dance and numerous artists in the world of hip-hop including Papoose, Yah Yah, Naeem Oba and Q Burse.

Beat Making

Looking for beats? Mike sells and leases beats ranging from southern slap to East coast boom bap; West Coast hyphy to Lady Gaga-esque dance-hop.


David Custard

David "C4" Custard Born in the Box Denver, CO by way of Dallas, TX with a obsessive love for Music and his craft for over 16 years.


"My Past job I was a 3rd Class Petty Officer Corpsman for the U.S. NAVY through my tour I experienced a multitude of cultures in Music, Food, and Language Honorably Discharged, and attended The Art Institute of Colorado.

My love for this Craft began at the young age of two with my father being a drummer for his Fathers church, and their embarrassing stories of me "beating on pots and pans in spiderman skivvies".

Both parents kept my engagement to music ever since from my Uncles who play the Alto, Soprano Saxophones, Organs and Keyboards, and Bass Guitar, to all of my Aunts who Sing. Years later, My mother started vocal training my brother, sister and I to make a small gospel trio.

The biggest inspiration came from my Mothers brother who introduced me to my first Drum Sampler Dr. Rhythm which has created the person you see today. In 1996 in DeSoto, TX my love for HipHop grew stronger and Started HTP High, TeK, Playa as a group and my mission is to take it to a whole new level by creating my Label HTP Productions."

His Style

Looking for beats? My favorite and greatest inspirations started with Timbaland who gave the major push into production with his odd samples and crazy melodies, Jazzy Phae and the soulful felt compositions with classic Funk, Twista, and Tech 9 and their hypnotizing Lyrics and many more to choose from for my inspirations in my music."
- David


Alex Palmer

From just listening to music to making it, Alex is a music lover and a music professional. Alex gained admittance into Shenandoah University as a classical guitarist.


Having graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Music Production and Recording Technology, he moved to Colorado to pursue his Master’s degree at the University of Colorado Denver. Here he has worked on projects with recognized Hip Hop, Rock and R&B artists. In addition to his work at CCM, Alex is an adjunct instructor at the Community College of Aurora, teaching topics such as music production and recording techniques.

Beat Making

Looking for beats? Alex enjoys producing and assisting all genres of composition. As an advocate for the arts, Alex always strives to get the best he can out of his clients and help them realize their artistic vision. From Rock to Metal and Hip Hop, your project is in good hands.


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